This page explains the policies that are applicable to every client to which we offer our service(s). We will make sure to update you via e-mail upon completion of certain phases of your project.


The price of our services are dependent on the complexity, and scale which the project is required and/or requested.
To purchase our ready-made layouts the price will be as listed, and you will be responsible for all further maintenence/customization. However, if you wish for details to be added (such as your company logo) we will do this for a small fee.
We ask that you please make a written, final decision of what you desire on your site/project before development begins. Please make sure to be as detailed as possible, and we will make sure to let you know what we are capable of. If applicable, please provide us with any images/graphics, you would like included in your project. A diagram is also a very helpful tool, but is not necessary.


Upon confirming the project(s) and details, we will schedule a time frame in which your project will take place. The full balance will be due upon project completion, to assure you are completely satisfied with the results.

Hosting/Domain Name

You are solely responsible for establishing your domain name, and providing your own website hosting service. We prefer Yahoo Web Hosting, but any other hosting service will suffice. We will need to collect this information from you so we will be able to upload your website.


We will do a thorough troubleshoot before and upon launching your site. Minor changes, such as adding/changing photos, adding/changing text, etc. will be included free of charge up to one week after the website is launched - however if any major changes are requested during this period, they may incur a fee. Thereafter, any requested maintenence to your website will incur a fee. After the website launch, you will be provided with zipped archive of all website files.